My Running Training Programs

As elite Distance Runners with over 40 years experience between us, Nikki Wynd and I will help you achieve your goal. Whether road, trail or track from 10km to 240km we are here to help you.

We design running programs that prepare you for your running, marathon, ultra marathon or triathlon goals.

As Australia's premier coaching couple our results speak for themself, so let us share our secrets with your very own personalised program.

Training Programs are;

* Individually Designed
* Tailored To Your Needs & Goals
* Structured To Your Fitness
* Reviewed with Feedback on Your Progress Provided


Why Choose The Running Man?

Utilising our experience and knowledge as runners and endurance athletes we will develop a running training program tailoring to your specific goals, training requirements and lifestyle. It's yours to keep is affordable and allows you to record your daily training progress. Our passion and positive approach to mentoring and guiding you is a proven formula that has seen hundreds of runners achieve their goals.

Our Running Programs are ideal for;

* Improving Fitness
* Joggers
* Fun Runners
* Serious Runners / Racers
* Endurance Events (i.e. Oxfam Trail-Walker)
* Triathletes
* Marathons Runners
* Marathon Runners
* Ultramarathon Runners

Proven Record of Achieving Results

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How We Can Help Your Running Training

Our training programs, mentoring and motivating style is based around a shared vision and belief in you achieving your goal. We instil a sense of confidence that will allow you to be focused, have fun and be consistent in your training. We are very friendly, approachable and encouraging seeking regular feedback on your progress.

Anything is Possible!

There are no limits to what you can achieve so aim high, set your goal and train smarter not harder.
We look forward to being part of your journey to improved performances.

David Eadie & Nikki Wynd